Magento Tips to Correctly Configure Search Engine Optimization Features

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As Magento shops develop in numbers the competition receives fiercer and the race to the pinnacle seek results receives severe. Unless you configure your Magento store and optimize it to be Search Engine Optimization friendly, there is no way you may beat all that competition. Applying the right configuration creates a strong foundation to base your search engine advertising campaigns on. The process of optimization starts in the course of the development section itself. Do not wait till the shop is prepared to begin optimization.

Talk to an expert Magento Web Developer and make certain that you encompass these kind of even as the store is being evolved.

Web configuration

The very first region to begin Magento optimization is in the System menu, under configuration wherein you notice the choice for "Add Store Code to URLS" make sure that that is set to ‘no’. This helps in retaining unnecessary key phrases out of the URLs – a very good issue for search engine marketing. You can also set the option for "Server URL Rewrite" to ‘yes’.

Meta Data

The Meta statistics for every page need to be complete and must encompass your strongest key phrases. The search engines like google use this facts to decide how applicable the web page is to the search.

The robots record

Ensure that the robots textual content document is configured to allow search engines like google to crawl your website. There isn’t any feel in every other form of net advertising and marketing if search engines can’t crawl your net pages.

Product pages

Product pages are the center of any on line shop. Provide your clients with as a lot data of your product as you could. Also make certain that you create seek friendly URLs in your product pages.


Images are by using a ways the most important part of an online shop. With Magento, you may provide significant names to the snap shots. This can even allow the search engines like google and yahoo recognise what the photograph represents.


For ecommerce sites, it is very clean to fall into the lure of duplicate content. The maximum vital vicinity to test is the product descriptions. If your internet site has products from various manufacturers, make sure that the product descriptions aren’t copied without delay from there. Create your very own specific descriptions for the goods in your website.

Tag systems

Follow the primary layout for tag structures for the complete website. For instance, you can use H1 tags for a catalog name and a H3 tag for a product name. The tags inform the spiders how important each piece of content is. On product pages, you could use H1 tags for the product call itself.

Template files

Make positive that the code used for the template documents is smooth and nicely maintained. Never use CSS or JS in the code. Always use separate documents for those. This enables your website online load fast and makes it simpler for the spiders to crawl too.

Above all, ensure which you take a look at each element of your Magento website and tweak the functions that might enhance your scores and search engine optimization efforts.


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